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CSS Gallery

29 May 2008 css

Building a image gallery always poses a problem: how to show the thumbnails. If you don’t need the captions it’s easy: insert a bunch of img tags and give them some nice styles. But to insert the caption under every thumbnail you must enclose the two elements (thumbnail and caption) inside a box and then manage this box. The solution most widely used is to set the property float: left to the box.

microCSS v3

11 March 2008 css, webdev

Update to the microCSS framework. Compared to previous version (MicroCSS, a minimalist framework) has been added support to Internet Explorer 7 and added a stylesheet base.css for base typography and vertical rhythm.

MicroCSS, a minimalist framework

13 October 2007 css

After seeing some CSS framework I wanted try a personal implementation of a generalist framework, designed to provide the tools for define the page structure. Rather than build a complex infrastructure of rules I tried to find a limited set of rules that allowed me especially flexibility.

CSS Framework

17 January 2007 css

In the programming it’s always good habit to try to automate the repetitive tasks and avoid reinventing the wheel. Often this means to adopt a framework. This rule is true also for the writing of the CSS, even if call it programming is improper.