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ScaraBook, a better delicious

19 July 2009 mysql, webdev

How to manage your bookmarks? I have used online services and applications to install on my server. Despite all, for convenience or laziness, I still go on a search engine. Is possible to make an equally convenient and fast application?


02 February 2009 quotes, webdev

Joomla is evil.

How To Choose The Right CMS


17 November 2008 quotes, webdev

No-one is crazy enough to build their own blogging platform these days

Most Popular CMS in Technorati’s Top 100

microCSS v3

11 March 2008 css, webdev

Update to the microCSS framework. Compared to previous version (MicroCSS, a minimalist framework) has been added support to Internet Explorer 7 and added a stylesheet base.css for base typography and vertical rhythm.

Build a YouTube clone

07 October 2007 video, webdev

YouTube and all other sites of video sharing are all based on the conversion of video file in the FLV format (Flash Video) and the FLV files will be reproduced via a Flash player embedded in a web page. In the end of 2006 I have played with some free and open source software with the scope to verify if it’s possible to realize a test application like YouTube with no software cost.